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Mindmeld is an enterprise-capable knowledge-sharing system. It is an effective tool for any web community that needs to capture and share information, and is unique in that the knowledgebase grows smarter every time it's used. It only knows what you teach it, but it's very easy to teach.

Mindmeld's core search technology, the self-organizing neural mapper, allows Mindmeld to incorporate terms used in each search into a contextual map of the answer itself, continually improving Mindmeld's ability to derive contextual information from a given search. The system learns how people typically search for a given answer by identifying which search terms are most valuable in any specific context.

Welcome to Mindmeld Search.

Mindmeld uses ars Cognita's self-organizing learning engine to give you the most relevant answers to your questions. Enter a single word, several words, or an entire sentence, and Mindmeld will deliver best answers based upon the words you provide and how those words have helped other people in the past.

Why you should use the Answer Feedback buttons:

Mindmeld works by linking words from your query with answers in the knowledgebase. Each word, or symbol links to every relevant answer. The link between a symbol and answer is weighted depending on the strength of their relationship.

Mindmeld asks you about the relevancy of each answer you view ("Was this answer helpful?"). When you click YES:

  1. The weight of each linked symbol that matches one of your search terms gets increased significantly.
  2. The weight of each linked symbol that does not match one of our search terms gets decreased slightly.
  3. Each search term that does not exist as a symbol gets added.

Clicking the NO button decreases slightly the weight of all symbols that match your search text.

As a result, providing feedback strengthens frequently-used search terms, dampens less-used search terms, and adds new search terms to answers. See How It Works for a detailed discussion.

The support Mindmeld is currently unavailable due to a bug in PHP Accelerator, recently installed by SourceForge. (Specifically, PHPA doesn't allow classes to be defined in functions, a structure allowed by PHP and required by Mindmeld.)

The Tech Mind will be back as soon as we create a workaround.

Example searches: "What is Mindmeld?" "How do I change Mindmeld's look and feel?"

This is a new knowledgebase. Bear with us and check back often for added answers.

TIP: For specific, targeted searches, use complete, descriptive sentences, giving Mindmeld as much relevant information as possible. For broad topic searches or browsing, just enter single or key words.


Current Production Releasev1.2.0.4
Stable Developmentsnapshot
Unstable Developmentnightly


Mindmeld is licensed under the GNU General Public License. See the LICENSE file in the distribution for more information.

Although Mindmeld's core search technology, the self-organizing neural mapper (or SONM) is patent pending, ars Cognita has chosen to make the patent available to the Open Source community. The technology contained in the Mindmeld source code may be used freely provided any software, library, or other tool that incorporates it is licensed under the GNU General Public License and ars Cognita is given appropriate credit for the invention. (Treat the patent as if you were extending any typical GPL application). Any other use is prohibited without a specific signed license from ars Cognita.

IF YOU PURCHASED Mindmeld from ars Cognita, then certain plugins and extensions in your distribution are proprietary and may not be treated as Open Source software. Further, changing or extending the source code of your Mindmeld application may NULLIFY your support contract. Please contact your ars Cognita Account Representative if you have any questions.

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